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Always innovating to provide exceptional security solutions for over thirty years.

Since its founding, Sentrillion's team of security experts has quickly embraced the newest technologies to create innovative, successful projects, many of which have also been highly visible. We are proud of our achievements in the areas of Physical security, IT/Cyber security, and Human security and the dedication and diligence of our leadership and employees.

Recent contract awards include:

  • Army National Guard Readiness Center
    We seamlessly integrated an intelligent and robust physical security system for the Army Reserve National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, Virginia. The system was designed to protect the interior and perimeter of the facility and included fully integrated closed-circuit television systems, utilizing pan-tilt-zoom, fixed, and wireless cameras; intrusion detection components, and building access controls consisting of proximity cards and RFID tags. We also designed and integrated infrastructure improvements including reinforced doors, steel cages, and vaults. To ensure uninterrupted surveillance of the facility, we deployed the new security system in parallel with the existing equipment and provided training for the ARNGRC personnel to facilitate efficient systems operation. Additionally, we operate a 24/7 help desk to support the system.

  • US Army, Fort Eustis, VA
    The US Army base at Fort Eustis sought a method to expedite access of trusted personnel through the perimeter entrance gates of the base. They required a scalable enterprise-class system that took advantage of commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment. Additionally, they needed a system that would react and respond to elevated threats. We responded by delivering the Automated Vehicle Access Control System (AVACS), which provides a fully integrated intelligent technology solution with the primary objectives of screening vehicles and verifying the identity of personnel seeking entry into an Army installation. Additionally, security personnel are able to monitor, control, and record all activity at the point of inspection.

  • Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System
    We provide computer operations and maintenance support for the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS), an effective management information system that responds to the aircraft maintenance and material management requirements aboard aircraft carriers, amphibious aviation helicopter support ships, marine aircraft groups, and US Navy/US Marine Corps Air Stations. The computer operation functions we deliver include console management and system control through interaction with the operating systems. These operational responsibilities include system initialization procedures, initialization of support functions, initiation of job execution, initiation of restart procedures, execution of file and system backup/recovery procedures, execution of special operational requests, maintenance of tape libraries and accountability for supplies.

  • Department of Homeland Security National Biodefense Analysis
    and Countermeasures Center at Fort Detrick, MD

    We are proud to support the Department of Homeland Security's new National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) currently under construction at the National Interagency Biodefense Campus (NIBC) located at Fort Detrick, MD. NBACC addresses the need for scientific research to better anticipate, prevent, and mitigate the consequences of biological attacks. We are providing technical and management expertise in support of the physical security of this facility. We are engineering and providing sophisticated solutions for building access controls, facility surveillance with command and control consoles, intrusion detection systems, Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) design, secure interlocking controls for high containment areas, and other systems.

  • Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection
    Due to the success of our deployed intelligent surveillance system on the US northern border, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) brought us on board to integrate similar technology at the land Ports of Entry (POEs) along the border between the United States and Mexico. We are installing a robust security solution at 23 non-24-hour POEs, integrating a remotely monitored and controlled automated surveillance system that includes security detection devices, barrier/gate/bollard entry restriction systems, and other technology and infrastructure improvements for approximately 75 lanes of traffic. We are binding the POEs together by tying its surveillance solution into a centrally controlled command center. Because similar technology is implemented at each POE, we are providing CBP with a unified frontline for both American borders.

  • Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Agency Information Security Section Validation, Integrity and Penetration Response Unit
    We were instrumental in raising the profile of the Department of Justice (DoJ) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Information Security Section (ISI) Validation, Integrity and Penetration Response Unit (ISIV) and increasing their level of information security on their Information Security Services (ISS) Project. To do so, we designed, coded, tested, and deployed the Validation, Integrity and Penetration Response (VIPR) System, a program that has resulted in multiple benefits for DEA. The VIPR System is the first account and personnel data aggregation tool at DEA. As a result, ISIV now has by far the best picture of personnel status, location, and access at DEA. The VIPR System also assists ISIV in working with system owners to improve the security profile of their networks. Reports generated by the VIPR System have been created to respond to specific federal laws, Department of Justice (DOJ) policies, or, at the request of ISIV management, to gain a better understanding of the security status of each major network

  • Border Security Maintenance Services and Support
    Due to our extensive familiarity with the security technology deployments at Land Border Ports of Entry (LPOEs) along both the US/Mexican and US/Canadian borders, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) engaged us to provide routine, preventative, and remedial maintenance services at 166 LPOEs along both US borders. We are implementing a regional support strategy by placing experienced technicians at strategic locations along the borders who can provide rapid-fire, critical on-call maintenance services and assist in disaster response and recovery at each of the LPOEs. Additionally, we operate a 24/7 help desk to consistently and effectively support the maintenance and operational needs of the LPOEs. The help desk is managed through the Nationwide Operations Resource Management System (NORMS), an internally-developed, internet-based, database utility that systematically records, manages, and reports maintenance actions for telephone support operators and for field support technicians. The field support technicians also routinely visit LPOEs in their designated support regions to offer preventative maintenance support services and configuration management controls through implementation of technology patches and software upgrades.

  • Army Research Laboratory
    We provide support services for the User Services Integrated Work Team (IWT) at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC). For this project, we act as a single support point of contact for all users regarding any request, question or problem relating to the ARL-DSRC computing resources. Operators offer support to the help desk and supply services such as establishing accounts, conducting technology surveys with the users, and providing technical and engineering services. We also provide maintenance support services to the DSRC, consisting of maintenance, installation, repair and troubleshooting of the air conditioning and refrigeration units.