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Aligning with select companies and creating strong teams to tackle large-scale, complex projects.

At Sentrillion, we believe the sum is greater than its parts. By forming long-term strategic alliances with select companies, we create flexible, responsive teams that provide additional capabilities, expertise, and a unified approach to solving multi-faceted challenges.

Though many of our partners are large corporations, we routinely collaborate with small and minority-owned businesses to leverage our unique assets and areas of expertise and successfully deliver complex projects, both small and large. DVS has provided security assessments of existing facilities identifying opportunities for physical, operational, and technological security improvement and their potential costs for implementation.

Binary GroupBinary Group
We have aligned with Binary Group's expertise and serve as a first-tier subcontract to them for the Program Management Support Services (PMSS2) contract, which provides the Office of the Army Chief Information Officer and the Program Executive Office, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) headquarters, directorates, and program, project, and product offices a full range of IT-related program management support services, including advisory and consulting services.

Data Video Systems (DVS)
Data Video Systems (DVS) is a technology solutions provider whose services include CCTV/digital video surveillance, access control systems, biometric identification systems, perimeter detection systems, and IT Services.

We offer customers value-added solutions as an authorized Lenel Value Added Reseller (VAR). Lenel is a leading designer and manufacturer of access control, identity management, video management, and enterprise-level security equipment. Our COTS solutions, which utilize Lenel's products, maximize benefits for our customers and partners in the industry.

Northrop GrummanNorthrop Grumman
Sentrillion is working with Northrop Grumman (NG) to provide border security surveillance for land ports of entry along the southwest U.S. border. Sentrillion and NG are delivering a system that identifies potential threats at and to ports of entry; collects information through surveillance technologies; characterizes and resolves threats through preventive measures and interdiction of cross border violations; ties sensing capabilities into a common operational picture, allowing surveillance of port activities at Customs Area Security Centers and other entry ports; and allows designated personnel to survey port perimeters, secured areas, and personnel interaction.

We rely on Pelco's video security technology to keep our clients' facilities and employees safe. Pelco is a leading innovator of IP video, high-definition video security, and network-based video security systems. Because our companys' cultures both value quality products, a high level of customer service, and competitive prices, we have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Pelco.

Sentrillion is working with SAIC under the ANSWER II contract to support the U.S. Army TRADOC Capability Manager (TCM) for Biometrics and Forensics (BF). The TCM-BF is designated lead agent for Army and Department of Defense Forensics and Army Biometrics and is responsible for gathering, developing, and championing user requirements and interests throughout the Department of Defense. Sentrillion provides administrative, logistical, and biometrics and forensics subject matter expertise and training services to SAIC and the TCM-BF.

Verizon BusinessVerizon
Sentrillion is partnered with Verizon Business on the Washington Interagency Telecommunications System 3 (WITS 3) contract, providing comprehensive solutions-oriented approach for meeting agency requirements.

Vicon offers a range of cutting-edge motion-tracking and analysis products, including 3D digital optical systems. We use their high-tech digital video recorders as part of the physical security solutions we offer our clients.