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Focusing on risk mitigation, not risk avoidance.

When Sentrillion develops a risk management program for our clients, we incorporate a combination of risk analysis methodologies. Initially, we will work with our clients to provide a snapshot in time of the risks associated with a defined infrastructure or collection of assets. We will then assist in developing a risk management plan that, once in place, monitors risk and does not allow it to escalate to an unacceptable level. This program is based upon the results of the following services:

  • Information Security Risk Assessment
  • Threat and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Penetration and Intrusion Assessment

Sentrillion's Information Security Assessments incorporate facilitated, high-level, non-intrusive processes for identifying and correcting security weaknesses in information systems and networks. These assessments are designed to:

  • Be consistent with business goals and objectives.
  • Establish an accurate and comprehensive security baseline of a specified, operational system for the purpose of identifying existing and potential vulnerabilities.
  • Determine any residual risk based on the relationship between the infrastructure threats and vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of the safeguards and countermeasures in place.
  • Develop a risk profile to be used as a baseline for current and future modifications to the technology infrastructure.
  • Provide comprehensive reports detailing the client's current security posture, including recommendations for the elimination or mitigation of all known vulnerabilities to an acceptable level (this level may vary by industry or client type).
  • Outline an Action Plan to implement mitigation recommendations.

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