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Supporting the secure operations of critical infrastructures.

Sentrillion provides experienced security professionals to administer and support the operations of clients' IT systems and networks on-site and/or remotely. We ensure that IT system administration is properly documented and executed in accordance with our client's system security requirements, policies, and procedures. We can also assess security policies and procedures and offer modifications to strengthen them.

Sentrillion possesses the in-house capabilities and expertise to respond to a computer security incident, including gathering and preserving evidence, forensic analysis, and case building, and we can establish and staff an Incident Response Center.

System Administration
Sentrillion provides all of the required elements for effective security system administration, from initial set-up through on-site and/or remote system administration and monitoring services. Sentrillion ensures system administration is properly documented and executed in accordance with our client's System Security Requirements, Security Policies, and Procedures. The elements that comprise secure system administration include Access Control, System Security Monitoring, Archiving & Restoration, and Configuration Management

Computer Incident Response and Forensic Services
Sentrillion possesses the in-house capabilities and expertise required to properly respond to a computer security incident that has occurred on a client's premises. This encompasses everything from the initial gathering and preservation of evidence through forensic analysis and case building. Sentrillion can also provide the expertise required to establish an Incident Response Center.

Policies and Procedure Documentation
Sentrillion will assess the security policies and procedures necessary to support the security requirements of a particular organization. We can establish and review requirements and perform life-cycle maintenance (evaluate/develop/modify) of policies & procedures.

Security Awareness Training
Sentrillion can provide Security Awareness Training utilizing certified security professionals to provide this service nationally. A Security Awareness Training program can be developed based upon the unique requirements of a specific client and target audience. Security subjects that can be included are: Laws and Regulations, IT Security Program, Information Sharing, Sensitivity, and Risk Management.

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