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We help our clients act — not just react — to situational developments in real-time.

Client performance:

Department of Defense (DoD)
We provide help desk, supply support and maintenance support services, and technical and engineering support for the User Services Integrated Work Team (IWT) at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Department of Defense Supercomputing Resource Center (DSRC).

Department of the Navy
In order to expedite response for aircraft maintenance and material management requests for ships and aircraft, we provide computer operations and maintenance support for the Naval Aviation Logistics Command Management Information System (NALCOMIS).

Department of the Army
We seamlessly integrated an intelligent and robust ESS for the Army Reserve National Guard Readiness Center in Arlington, Virginia. The ESS protects the entire campus including all grounds and facilities providing real time security monitoring for the guard forces and facilities management personnel.

At Fort Eustis Army Base, we developed a proof-of-concept Automated Vehicle Access Control System (AVACS) that provided a fully integrated intelligent security technology suite to improve installation perimeter access point wait times. The system quickly and efficiently screens vehicles, verifies personnel identity at multiple security levels, associates personnel with vehicles, and allows security personnel to monitor, control, and record all activity at the logical points of entry/inspection.