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Total turnkey installation support — at the ready.

Sentrillion provides professional installation services. We have seasoned teams of technicians that are trained, certified, cleared and equipped to take on the most complex installations wherever they are. Our installation services include but are not limited to:

  • Install all ESS communications and power infrastructure, components and software
  • Install in accordance with client requirements/specifications, OEM instructions, and industry codes and standards
  • Participate in installation planning phases; synchronization with construction schedules
  • Use of Integration Project Teams (IPTs) to monitor and control installation schedule and costs
  • Manage on site equipment storage containers, vehicles, and equipment trailers as required
  • Sub-contractor management
  • On site safety standards management
  • On site stakeholder coordination
  • Debris removal and disposal; work environment maintenance
  • Systems certification support as an independent commissioning authority
  • Installation vehicle fleet

Never be less than ready.
Resolve your security challenges with the professionals at Sentrillion.