Full Service Support Services

Offering an Array of Security Solutions with Full Lifecycle Support

Sentrillion offers Enterprise Security Solutions (ESS) capabilities covering the full spectrum of physical security for total asset protection in both near and remote operations. We offer the latest technologies in video and audio surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, and monitoring and control from leading industry Value Added Resellers (VARs). We understand, design and implement Enterprise Security Solutions that converge physical and IT/Cyber security systems for comprehensive security management.

Sentrillion’s Enterprise Security Solutions products and services focus on the implementation of total security management solutions in the areas of: intelligence, biometrics, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology; chemical, biological, and nuclear services; systems engineering services; intelligent transportation and traffic management systems; communications systems; and management of enterprise-level systems deployment, facilities, operations, maintenance, and training.

Each program manager follows a rigorous process during project planning to ensure that every aspect of a project is considered. The program management office (PMO) manages assigned project managers that use defined, mature processes for planning work, monitoring and reporting project status, managing risk, scheduling, staffing, and providing deliverables. The PMO routinely examines project products, services, and process to ensure that required levels of quality are maintained. Sentrillion project managers have advanced training in project management best practices and are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.

Sentrillion’s design and engineering support services include:

  • Requirements Analysis and Validation; Physical and/or Logical Site Surveys
  • Systems Design (Preliminary Design, Construction, As-built)
  • Full CAD capability networked across our business centers (Compliance with GSA Standards)
  • Systems Integration (legacy – current – emergent technologies)
  • Use of Integration Project Teams (IPTs) to monitor and control projects
  • Requirements Management through the Project Lifecycle
  • Sound Risk Management Methodologies
  • Systems Verification and Acceptance Testing (SVAT)
  • Field Engineering Support
  • QA/QC & Configuration Management

Sentrillion provides professional installation services. We have seasoned teams of technicians that are trained, certified, cleared and equipped to take on the most complex installations wherever they are. Our installation services include but are not limited to:

  • Install all Enterprise Security Solutions communications and power infrastructure, components and software
  • Install in accordance with client requirements/specifications, OEM instructions, and industry codes and standards
  • Participate in installation planning phases; synchronization with construction schedules
  • Use of Integration Project Teams to monitor and control installation schedule and costs
  • Manage on site equipment storage containers, vehicles, and equipment trailers as required
  • Sub-contractor management
  • On site safety standards management
  • On site stakeholder coordination
  • Debris removal and disposal; work environment maintenance
  • Systems certification support as an independent commissioning authority
  • Installation vehicle fleet

Sentrillion provides professional training support services. We use the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard to promote and encourage the development of online training systems for our customers. Our training packages are portable between Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), each utilizing the same standard. Learn more.

Our proprietary software application, Nationwide Operations Resource Management System (NORMS), tracks, communicates and reports maintenance activities, equipment inventories, part requests, engineer change requests, and other critical operations and maintenance information. NORMS was designed specifically as a communications and reporting tool for Enterprise Security Solutions projects and is customized for their unique operations and maintenance requirements. Our clients have web access to real-time reports for their maintenance activities.